For industrial automation, we offer comprehensive supply and installation of electrical equipment.


Our advantages and strengths are:

  • experience and ability to ensure complexity of delivery and production
  • qualified adjustment of technological functions
  • assembly at the customer’s site
  • quality service after commissioning the device

Within the complete supply of electrical equipment, special atypical electrical components can be designed and manufactured (control electronics, control panels and HMIs, tailor-made switchboards, etc.)

Based on our project documentation or according to customer’s specification, we produce complete switchboards, control panels and other equipment, including any labeling of devices, wires, cables, etc.

Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení
Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

We produce switchboards for:

  • a wide range of electronic systems
  • wiring
  • constructions of low-voltage and high-voltage distribution systems
  • controlled motor drives of production lines, pumps, and fans
Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

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Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Steering and power supply for machinery and technological lines

Other types of switchboards are designed for steering and power supply for working machines and smaller production lines. Such examples can be cutting and forming machines, machines for the processing of raw materials (metal, plastic, wood, paper, food), cranes, winches, industrial lines.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Equipping switchboards with electrical control systems

Switchboards are commonly equipped with programmable logic controllers (PLC), switching and protection equipment, frequency converters (FVD), soft starters, power supply, security modules, touch panels, etc.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Analysis of security risks is a part of the technology design

An analysis of security risks, resulting in appropriate precautions, is carried out already at the design stage.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Installation including commissioning

We carry out final assembly at the customer, including wiring, adjustment, commissioning. We carry out final assembly at the customer, including wiring, adjustment, commissioning. We provide trial operation and operator training. Proper inspection of the device is included. For all these activities, we have appropriate ITI permission.

Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

We design the equipment in accordance with applicable government decrees and relevant standards:

  • NV176/2008
  • ČSN EN ISO 13849-1
  • ČSN EN ISO 13855
  • ČSN EN ISO 12100
Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

By their nature and degree of hazard, production technology is always supplemented with:

  • light curtains or scanners
  • safety switches and locks
  • emergency stops
  • covers
  • inhibitions