Oblast projekce a dokumentace

The area of the design and documentation

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Comprehensive development of our projects

In the area of design activities, management and documentation, we offer comprehensive processing of projects, and delivery of electrical equipment for a wide range of technologies in various industries and manufacturing processes.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Tailor-made projects including control system

In design activities, we can propose ideal solution that includes customer requirements, as well as design of the control system, method of measuring and regulation, drives with elements of electric equipment for automation of technological processes.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Documentation in accordance with applicable standards

The documentation is processed mainly in the CAE/CAD systems, EPLAN, AutoCAD, text part subsequently in MS-Office. All documents are processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and technical standards CSN (EN, IEC).

Preparation of conceptual design is included in the scope of project activities:

  • technological equipment
  • electrical equipment
  • measuring devices
  • control of technological and other processes.
Elektronické schéma

Conceptual design is further developed and specified until a detailed solution, suitable for the needs of production and assembly on site has been reached.

The project structure is selected depending on the scope and functions of the device; project structure follows the supply model, always considering requirements of the customer, who the documentation is created for.

Our design and documentation includes:

  • project
  • commented program code
  • manual for operation and maintenance
  • standard documentation of control systems
  • other special documentation

This documentation allows the customer common operational service of supplied equipment and ensures the possibility of seamless expansion and modernization of existing application.

Oblast projekce a dokumentace

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