Electric regulated drives

We provide complete designs of electric drives based on requirements of a particular application, including:

  • analysis of regulation
  • software development
  • drive parameter settings
  • adjusting to technology
Elektrické regulované pohony
Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We use certified safety functions

Frequent use of new certified safety functions is required for the reasons of more stringent legislative requirements in the area of machine safety, as well as in the area of regulated drives technology.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We solve all tasks when applying electric drives.

We offer solutions to all tasks related to the application of electric drives in production mechanization and automation. We provide comprehensive services including design, delivery and maintenance. Our specialists have experience deploying electric drives in a broad area of technological units. We provide comprehensive services including design, delivery and maintenance of the application with electric drives.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We renovate older equipment to reach maximum reliability of machines

In the case of renovation of older equipment, a mechanical adjustment is designed based on various mounting dimensions of new engines. In many cases, we replace unreliable mechanical linkages with electronic ones using synchronized drives.

In case of applications, we offer the following activities:

  • Analysis processing of the particular task
  • Designing a suitable drive including all related components of the power drive
  • Designing a suitable method of drive control
  • Designing an appropriate method of communication among the drives themselves, and among the drives and the control system
  • Processing the project of the drive
  • Development of application software embedded in the drives themselves (regulatory, synchronization algorithm …)
  • Delivery of individual designed components, including installation and recovery
Elektrické regulované pohony
Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

Commissioning at the customer’s site

  • Installation and connection of the drive and of all related components
  • Checking and basic tuning of drives (motor identification, current and speed controller)
  • Parameterization and adjusting the control and technological values of the drive (torque limit, ramps, thermal parameters, overloading, communication)
  • Testing the drive on site – the drive response to the commands, testing the application software
  • Incorporating the drive into the whole automation by project
  • Complete diagnostics and monitoring behavior of the drive “online”, both locally as well as via remote access
  • Providing full service after the contract completion

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Elektrické regulované pohony
Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení