Repairs and modernization of electrical equipment

Opravy a modernizace elektrických zařízení

Modernization of control systems brings:

  • reducing the number of unplanned production downtime
  • decreasing financial and time requirements for maintenance
  • increasing the availability of spare parts and production quality
  • extending the possibility of further system development with protection of investments
  • optimizing the access to integrated automation functions

When implementing such contract, we focus on the selection of an appropriate control system with guaranteed support from the manufacturer, as well as on a detailed analysis of the existing system, software transfer while keeping all the key functions and parameters, to minimize downtime of the production and to guarantee smooth commissioning of the new system.

On request, we offer and perform repairs and modernization of electrical equipment, technological units for machinery and equipment, production lines and others. We offer these services as part of the repairs and modernization package, or separately for electrical equipment and control systems only.

The need to upgrade the control system

Control systems of many costly technological units and equipment are becoming morally and physically outdated, although the technology itself can operate for several decades. Over time, availability of spare parts and integration capability are getting reduced. These factors raise the need for updating the control system.

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Opravy a modernizace elektrických zařízení

We offer the following solutions:

  • Processing documentation of the current state
  • Safety of machinery
  • Processing documentation of repair or modernization
  • Software PLC and drives for repair or modernization projects
  • Visualization of technological processes
  • Certification, EC Declaration of Conformity
Opravy a modernizace elektrických zařízení

We carry out:

  • Renovation or replacement of switchboards, control panels and distribution boards
  • Replacement of outdated PLC control systems
  • Adjustment and supplementing the existing PLC software including visualization
  • Replacement of the existing drives, including control and SW
  • Replacement and supplementation of the electric equipment elements (sensors, switches, scanners, etc.)
  • Replacement of cabling