Software PLC and HMI

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Complete processing of technology program

The application programmer addresses complex technology program processing, which is tested, tuned, and made operational. In customer applications, the PLC control systems mostly cooperate with other control circuits and drives.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Software development for automated technologies

Thanks to high flexibility of our specialists, it is not a problem to develop software for programmable logic controllers and drives of a wide range of automation technology manufacturers.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Software equipment for the required control system

Specialists in software development for PLC and PC, or database systems programmers develop complete software for the required control system including visualization and higher levels.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Testing applications and creating manuals

Part of the work of application programmers is testing all applications and development of clear and detailed manuals and instructions, in the language required by the customer.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

Graphic oriented control programs (PLC)

Based on the assignment analysis, by both standard devices, as well as by modern object and graphic oriented systems, we develop control programs for logic controllers (PLC) and the level of visualization and control (SCADA).

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How do we work when we develop software?

The scope of work of the software development department includes mainly:

  • software analysis and development
  • implementation of software projects independently of platform or applied technology
  • complete project documentation
  • software fine-tuning
  • constant communication with the customer

When designing software, it is necessary to adhere to the following comments:

  • design complying with the requirements, can be solved in different ways, more unknown values than given ones
  • the design arises more or less by extrapolating from already implemented and tested solutions
  • the philosophy of the proposal should be converted into the technical language and the contracting authority shall define their requirements specifying the criteria for the operation of the proposed regulation circuit
  • each element in the system must be evaluated from the perspective of overall activity