Komplexní dodávky elektrického zařízení

Complete supply of electrical equipment

We offer a comprehensive supply and installation of electrical equipment for industrial automation. We have expertise and ability to provide complexity of delivery including production, skilled adjustment …

Oblast projekce a dokumentace

Design, documentation

In the area of design activities, management and documentation, we offer comprehensive processing of projects, and delivery of electrical equipment for a wide range of technologies in various industries and manufacturing processes. In design activities, we …

Software plc a hmi

Software PLC and HMI

The application programmer addresses complex technology program processing, which is tested, tuned, and made operational. In customer applications, the PLC control systems mostly cooperate with other control circuits and drives …

Elektrické regulované pohony

Electric regulated drives

We make complete designs of electric drives based on requirements of a particular application, including analysis of regulation, software development, drive parameter setting and fine-tuning. Frequent use of new certified safety …

Opravy a modernizace elektrických zařízení

Repair and modernization of electrical equipment

On request, we offer and perform repairs and modernization of electrical equipment, technological units for machinery and equipment, production lines and others …

CE European Community logo background illustration

Safety and certification of machinery

According to the Government Decree No 378/2001 Sb. (Council Directive 89/655 / EEC), the work equipment must comply with basic requirements for safe operation. We solve individual cases …

How we work

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We have over 20 years of experience

The extensive experience of the founders of ADS Technologies goes back to 1996, when foundations of the first single-purpose devices were formed.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

More than 150 successful projects

Our projects and positive references from both domestic and international customers are proof of our outstanding work.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We use the latest technology

We have modern technical equipment. We pay attention to regular staff training on new processes and technologies.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We care for flexibility in development

We flexibly respond to demand. We fully utilize our production capacities to the benefit of our customers and meet required deadlines.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We are quick in processing orders

In all departments, we have trained team of professionals with extensive experience in designing single-purpose devices.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We have our own technical facilities

We take advantage of our own design office, as well as electrical construction office, assembly and production equipped with the latest technologies.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We guarantee the best service

Our team provides professional service maintenance and assistance repairs. We stock spare parts for maximum flexibility.

Konkurenční výhody ADS Technologies

We stock certified products only

Our devices are always built according to current standards, government decrees and applicable laws to ensure maximum safety.

Our references

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