ADS Technologies

ADS Technologies s.r.o. was established in 2014, the founders of the company had been active in the field of industrial automation for many years. In the following paragraphs, you will learn some important information about us and our activities.


Company focus:

  • development and production of single-purpose machines and equipment
  • development and production of test equipment
  • deploying control systems into new and existing production facilities
  • renovation
  • extension of older machines and technology units.
ADS techologies
ADS techologies
In this field the company has gained a lot of valuable experience in a variety of applications. ADS Technologies performs a wide range of works, from design, production of switchboards, operational distribution systems, as well as software products and final documentation with instructions for operators and maintenance. We provide project documentation, initial inspection of electrical equipment, Declaration of conformity and EMC tests.

We carry out renovation of machinery and equipment, the control system of which can no longer be repaired or the control program cannot be modified, or it does not comply with current requirements.

We have solved tasks associated with:

  • the issue of temperature regulation
  • recording pressure and vacuum
  • control
  • dosing and weighing of material
  • controlling servo motors
  • ultrasonic scanning of the amount of material in containers
  • scanning the surface of fluids by optical and ultrasonic transducers
  • fully automated control of pumps with automatic switching to another source in case of the main power supply failure
  • speed control of pressurized fans
  • speed control of roller and belt conveyors
  • absolute or relative measuring of position
  • controlling asynchronous motors
  • visualization of technological processes
We provide our customers with the following comprehensive services:

  • consultancy in electronics and electrical engineering
  • design services in electrical engineering
  • implementation of electrical equipment (switchgear supply and installation)
  • commissioning of equipment, software development

Since its establishing, company deals with industrial automation, in the following fields:

  • measurement and regulation
  • controlling of machines and technologies
  • position and motion control
  • system integration in the area of production labeling
  • human machine interface systems